Ancient World Wine


After the Old World and the New World wines, there comes the Ancient World wine – from the lands of the Thracs, famous for their wine making in the ancient Greek and Roman worlds!


Trakiya Trading is a company specialized mainly in the import of Bulgarian wines. We are happy to introduce the products of the Bulgarian top winery Katarzyna Estate for the first time to the Japanese market!


Katarzyna Estate was established in 2004 in the area near the Bulgarian – Greek border, called `No man`s land` - with pristine nature where nobody had set foot into for many, many years and where once the ancient Thracs had lived. The Thracs were famous for their goldsmith art, horse breeding and above all – their wine making! Thrace is a vine growing region well-known since antiquity with its perfect vineyards, delicious grapes and ideal combination of climate and soil! It is no coincidence that the most worshipped deity by the Thracs had been Dionysos – the god of wine!


Katarzyna Estate`s 550 ha of vineyards lay across the hilly side of the Eastern Rhodoppi Mountain where the winter is warm and mild and the area is known as the one with the most sunshine throughout the year in Bulgaria. The planting density of the vineyards is 4130 vines per ha with 2,20m space between the rows and 1,10m between the vines.


Svilen and Ivan Kissyov– the genius twin brothers - winemakers of Katarzyna Estate combine the classical wine making methods with modern technology and equipment. They surprised the industry with their products in 2006 and still continue to surprise it with their unique creations.

Those who are particular about their life style should by all means try the wines of Katarzyna! The same terroir which had contributed for the taste of the wine that thousands of years ago the ancient Thracs had enjoyed, now has created these true `Drops of God`! Connecting the past and present, these wines appeal to everybody with taste for the genuine and leave soft and pleasant aftertaste.

We are happy to present some of the Katarzyna wines for the first time at the Japanese market! After the `super Tuscan` now you have the chance to enjoy the `super Balkan`!  


Katarzyna Question Mark


Caress for the palate – the gem of Southern Bulgaria

Wine of good balance tastes like that!


Fujisaki Satoko


There are a lot of environmental conditions to produce high quality wine. The most important one is temperature. For the grape it is important days to be hot and from the evening till the early morning to get cool. It sounds simple but in fact this is a very complicated and crucial point. Plus, if you are searching for good nature conditions, you need an airy and suitably dry place with long hours of sunlight.

All world`s famous wine regions clear these environmental conditions. Except all the well-known wine producing countries, there are some areas that also fulfill these conditions and produce wonderful wine, respectively. Among them is Bulgaria on which wines critics have focused their attention in the last several years.


There is a winery situated in the Thracian Valley in Sothern Bulgaria which wines are really amazing.

Question Mark  is one of the top quality wines produced by Katarzyna Estate.

It is a blend type wine between Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. When you take a sip you feel the tannin of the Cabernet Sauvignon spreading in your mouth and being skillfully assisted by the smoothness of the Merlot it changes into a tender and silky taste. The wine has rich aroma and juicy touch as if you are eating grapes. It has extremely long aftertaste of chocolate and caramel. As a whole, it is a wonderfully well balanced wine which you`d like to relish and prolong the delight.

It would be very suitable as a present for home parties of four, for example. As to me, I`d sincerely recommend to enjoy it slowly with your partner. Excellent to start it with the main dish and to go on with it till the end of the dinner. This is a wine of extreme quality and as I already said – it just has no flaws. It prompts you to want at least one other sip, and then another and another…

I would recommend with it a very simple recipe – medium rare beef steak with only a little salt and pepper. And drinking Question Mark would be almost an ecstasy!

If combined with cheese, then what would you say for 24 months` aged Mimolette? By all means, you will enjoy without failure something very delicious!